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Gmail Customer Service phone number

Google provides Gmail, an excellent webmail client that has changed the criteria completely. Gmail comes with excellent features and one of them is Google tasks. You can make your work simple and can organize your tasks with ease. If you are looking to know how to effectively use Google tasks then contact Gmail customer care team anytime and they will make you familiar with the tasks in detail:


  • For opening Tasks, you need to use keyboard shortcuts G and then K will open the Tasks in Gmail. In case, if tasks already open then shortcut will help to move cursor to the Tasks. In order to use Gmail shortcuts, ensure to enable the setting.


  • After this, add the related email to the task. If you are looking forward for creating the task based on the email that you have received then make sure that you link the email in the task for future reference. In order to add the related email, you need to open the message and then go to ‘More’. Select ‘Add to Tasks’. You can make use of keyboard shortcut such as Shift + T. As soon as the email is added to Task, press the link and get the email.


  • You can use various tasks lists. For creating multiple task lists for keeping tasks in the organized way, press the Switch List button available in the bottom of the right hand corner. Choose ‘New List’. You can keep one for professional and anther one for personal tasks.


  • With tasks, you can add details such as due date. If you wish to keep the task list simple then you can do so. However if you add due date along with some additional details then you can make tasks more handy and useful. Choose task and press ‘>’ for editing the details or else use keyboard shortcut such as Shift + Enter. By adding due date, the task will appear in Google Calendar.


  • If you use Google task feature a lot then ensure for taking a print out or email it to you for ease.


For solving the matter how to effectively use Google tasks then connect with the Gmail Customer Service Number and seek the solutions in no time. You will be aided with the immediate and useful resolutions and catch the best ways for sure. Contact with the support guys soon and get rapid way out now!